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Job Chart of Deputy Director, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs of the Districts/Range Officers (I.R.A) Bangalore/Assistant Director (I.R.A) Areas in the other Urban Areas

The Department is headed by the Commissioner and is assisted by the following officers -
Arrange to issue of ration cards.
Surrender Certificates, Duplicate cards, change of the name of the head of the family, updating of the family particulars in the ration cards.
Detection of Bogus cards under Karnataka (prevention of unauthorised possession of ration cards) l977.
Detection of ineligible cards.
Sub-allotment of foodgrains, sugar and kerosene strictly as per the allotment made by the Joint Director (PDS)/ Deputy Commissioner as the case may be and to ensure lifting of foodgrains accordingly and communicate the sub-allotment to all the Food Inspectors, District and Depot Managers of K.F.C.S.C., other wholesale nominees and retailers.
Monitoring the lifting performance of wholesale nominees/ fair price depots and taking necessary action in cases of poor lifting.
Attend to the regular meeting on every Tuesday in the Office of the Joint Director (PDS)/5th of every month in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner for review of lifting performance and other problems to be sorted out in consultation with the Food Inspectors, wholesale nominees, K.F.C.S.C. nominees / oil company/H.V.O.C etc.,
Function as Public Grievances Officer as for as food and civil supplies matters are concerned.
Inspect the business/godown premises of wholesalers/ retailers in the range/districts, dealing with the ration articles as per the following schedule.
Cursory Inspection of F.P.D.S. - 35 to 50 every month
Detailed Inspection F.P.D.S. - 05 per month
Cursory Inspection of wholesale Depots - 5 to 8 per month
Detailed Inspection of wholesale
Depots - 1 to 2 per month
In case of detailed Inspections the Deputy Director shall submit the inspection reports in the prescribed format (already communicated to Deputy Directors) to Joint Director (PDS)/Deputy Commissioner as the case may be.
IN CASE OF CURSORY INSPECTIONS no need to send the reports but to be included in the monthly diary observations. Must be recorded in the inspection book maintained at Fair price Depots in all cases of cursory Inspections / detailed Inspections.
The Deputy Director shall inspect as many wholesalers/retail dealers as possible of the open market dealers dealing with essential commodities, white petrol, petrol bunks, Hotels, restaurants and L.P.G dealers.
He shall inspect the godown of Food Corporation of India once in week to verify the quality of foodgrains being supplied under Public Distribution system.
To ensure exhibition of sealed Joint samples of all ration articles by all Fair price shops and wholesale points.
Shall ensure that wholesale nominees lift the Public Distribution system items in time and keep adequate stocks.
Shall continuously watch the availability and prices of essential commodities in the Range/District Report any abnormal situation immediately to the Joint Director(PDS)/ the Deputy Commissioner concerned.
Shall enforce the stock limits of essential commodities as per the storage control orders.
Shall take action for renewal of all retail license of all categories on time under Karnataka Essential Commodities (Licensing) Order 1986. Action shall be taken to get the licenses cancelled, if not renewed within the prescribed period.
Shall enforce the provisions of control and licensing order issued under Essential Commodities Act & cases shall be looked for violation of the control orders.
Shall undertake de-hoarding operations based on the price situation of any particular commodity.
Shall enforce vigorously all the necessary control orders as listed in the Annexure-2- (enclosed)
Shall conduct surprise visits and planned raids to check illegal hoardings.
Shall ensure early disposal of cases booked under Essential Commodities Act, either in the court of Deputy Commissioner or in the Judicial Courts. He should be in continuous touch with the concerned public prosecutor in the City.
Follow up action in all cases, where stays are granted by various courts shall be taken, in order to get the stays vacated and take necessary action there after.
Taking action for opening new depots as per provisions of Karnataka Essential Commodities (PDS) Control Order 1992.
Morning inspection to monitor the distribution of Kerosene in respective Jurisdiction.
Inspection of rice mills including hullers/shellers.
Shall take up table inspections of case workers/ assistants in his office.
Collection and the submission of various statistical data regularly within the time frame to the office of Commissioner for Food & Civil, Supplies.
Shall ensure proper payment of differential cost, etc., to the Government without any delay.
Shall arrange to process of transport /subsidy/T.A Bills of all types and clear the same regularly through Joint Director (PDS)/DC of the Districts.
Submission of Monthly Monitoring Report particulars to the Food & Civil supplies Office.
Monitoring the expenditure in the office.
Shall conduct enquiry and submit the reports as and when referred to by the Joint Director (PDS)/Deputy Commissioners and other superior officers of the Department.
Convene the meeting of Food Inspectors Grade I & II at 3 PM on every Tuesday (Once in a week) in the range offices and once a month by 3rd of every month in the districts, and review the whole Public Distribution System and pass on the necessary instructions given by the higher authorities for effective functioning of Public Distribution system and the meeting proceedings to be recorded in the register maintained in the Office. The off-take, distribution and balance of the articles and other Essential Commodities at the Fair Price Depot will be collected and reviewed in these meetings.
Recovery of Various arrears like differential cost etc., as pointed out in the audit reports of both the Divisional Account Officer and Accountant General and arrange to credit the same without delay.
Collection of small savings.
Submission of confidential Reports of all staff to the reviewing authority in the month of April every year.
Submission of Assets and liabilities statement of all the staff during the month of April every year.
Ensure to convene the meeting of vigilance committee members, locality wise in the Range/Districts.
Regular visits to slums and weaker section localities to ensure proper distribution of public distribution items through depots.
Monitoring the progress under saree and dhoti scheme including collection of cost.
Submission of monthly diary reporting the duties performed in the prescribed format to the Directorate before 5th of the succeeding month.
Conducting of survey, etc., as and when directed by the Commissioner/Additional Director/Deputy Commissioner.
Issue of coupons for kerosene distribution on yearly basis.
Inspection of institutions to which quota cards have been issued for foodgrains, sugar and kerosene.
Ensure Fair Price Depots exhibit proper Boards with division No., shop No., stock and rates of commodities etc.
Direct supervision of the work of the Taluk Shirestedar, I grade and 2nd grade Food & civil Supplies Inspectors.
Supervision of the office staff in the Range Office/ Deputy Director's Office.
Ensure levy collection as per the target fixed by Commissioner, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs every year.
Any other work entrusted by the superior Officers of the Department.
Job Chart of Assistant Directors
(Working in the Office of the Deputy Director, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs at the District Head Quarters)
Over-all supervision and control of all the staff working in the Office of the Deputy Director.
Arrange to exhibit the general information of the district particularly the food matters on the permanent notice board for the information of general public.
To assist the Deputy Director in finalisation of allotment and lifting of foodgrains under public distribution system.
Collection of various data from subordinate Offices including lifting and distribution and balance of foodgrains and compiling the same and submit the same to the Deputy Commissioner/Head Office.
To ensure the maintenance of records/SR and financial matter in accordance with the Office manual.
Submission of confidential reports of the staff in the month of April every year.
Submission of Assets/Liabilities statements of the staff working in the district.
Participating in the monthly meetings of the staff.
Total responsibility of keeping the Deputy Director’s Office upto-date.
He shall take steps to keep the Office clean, and tidy.
Annual allocation of work among the staff with the approval of the Deputy Director.
He shall also function as public grievances Officer in the absence of the Deputy Directors.
Keeping liason with the Food Corporation of India / Karnataka Food & Civil supplies Corporation and other wholesale and retail dealers for smooth function of Public Distribution System.
Submission of various reports to Head Office including reports pertaining to T.P.D.S. R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4.
Attending to the public comp1aints and make enquiries on the specific complaints and submit the report to Deputy Director/ Deputy Commissioner/ Commissioner of Food & Civil supplies as & when referred.
Assist in the collection of national savings.
Presenting the cases before the Deputy Commissioners in the proceedings for the cases booked under section 6(a) of Essential Commodities Act.
Attend to the audit objections raised by the Divisional Accounts Officer and Accountant General.
To supervise the Regular submission of replies to the audit objections.
To supervise upto-date maintenance of accounts and remittances, if any.
To supervise the Maintenance of stock and distribution of ration cards, application forms and stationery, etc.
Arrange to prepare costing sheets of foodgrains, sugar and Kerosene Oil whenever prices are revised and to obtain approval from the competent authority.
Arrange to process and obtain clearance of Transport, subsidy and Transport Allowance Bills.
Submission of write-off proposals wherever necessary.
To ensure recovery of arrears of differential cost etc. as pointed in the audit report.
Taking action for renewal of licences every year in all the cases.
To ensure prompt disposal of applications for new and renewal of licences filed in the Office of the Deputy Director.
Processing of applications in issue of release certificates and maintaining relevant registers regarding levy sugar.
Submission of monthly diary regarding the duties performed during the month to the Deputy Commissioners.
Disposal of stationery & furniture as per the rules.
Arrange to send all old files to record room after due classifications.
To attend to any work entrusted by Deputy Commissioner' s/ Deputy Director / Head Office.
Job Chart of Food Shirestedars/Food Inspectors of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Ensuring the proper distribution of foodgrains, sugar and Kerosene oil & all such rationed articles to the cardholders through Fair Price Depots.
Shall ensure display of Name boards, stock Details, pricelist, working hours, Holidays and scale of Issue by all Fair price Depots / wholesale Points and open market dealers of Essential Commodities.
Collection of closing balance as at the end of every month from wholesale points & Fair price Depots including kerosene and report the same to Range Officers/Deputy Directors/Assistant Directors.
Maintenance of upto date list of wholesale dealers of foodgrain, sugar & kerosene oil/ all Fair price Depots/ Kerosene Retail dealers / Hawkers etc. Division wise and category wise with addresses.
Inspection of applications received for issue of new cards and other purposes including changes in address, change in the name of the house holder, updating of the particulars with regard to the family members, etc., and noting the disposal of such receipts properly in the prescribed Register. He should submit a monthly abstract showing the receipts and disposals, balance to the Range Officer/Assistant Director/Deputy Director Food & Civil supplies.
Collection of intelligence reports on hoarding and black marketing of Essential commodities.
Prevention of diversion of Essential commodities issued through the public Distribution system at all levels.
Conducting morning inspections to monitor the distribution of kerosene oil.
Inspection of the counter foils of kerosene coupons pasted to the Register to show the daily sales maintained by the kerosene retailers.
Collection of Open market prices of Essential Commodities and submit the same to Range Officer/Assistant Director/ Deputy Director daily.
Maintenance of list of police stations with Telephone numbers for immediate contact, in his/her jurisdiction.
Inspections of Fair Price Depots, Retailers/Hawkers of Kerosene.
Cursory - 30-40 Fair price Depots per month.
Detailed - 5 Fair price Depots per month
Intensive Inspection - 1 Fair Price Depot per month
Detailed inspection reports shall be submitted to the concerned Deputy Directors/Range Officers/Assistant Directors with a copy to Joint Directors (PDS) / Deputy Commissioners as the case may be; Inspection Notebook kept at the Fair price Depots should be signed in all cases.
Inspection of wholesale points:
Cursory: - All Wholesale point within their jurisdiction every month.
Detailed: - Once in a month and report shall be submitted to the concerned Deputy Director/Range Officer/Assistant Director.
While conducting the detailed inspection atleast 10 ration cards shall be collected from the people buying rations from the shop inspected and compared with the daily sales register, & bill books maintained by the Depot.
Inspection of the daily sales Register, lifting book, kerosene-counter Register, etc.,
Inspection of commercial establishments, hotels, Restaurants, petrol bunks, LPG dealers located in the jurisdiction.
Inspection of Industrial Establishment/Units using PDS Kerosene.
Inspection of voluntary & other establishments to whom the quota cards have been issued.
Ensure display of sealed Joint samples by all the Fair Price Depots and wholesale points to verify the quality of the Essential Commodities distributed.
Keeping constant touch with the vigilance Committees constituted to each Fair Price depot.
Checking and prevention of over charging and under measurement of weights in the distribution of Public Distribution system items.
To verify the weights and measures being used by the Fair Price Depots, kerosene oil dealers and wholesale points.
To attend to the complaints from public regarding distribution of PDS items.
Enforce the stock limits and verification of stock as per the stock returns submitted by wholesale dealers fortnightly.
Implementing the provisions of various control orders as enforcing Officer as listed in Annexure-2. (enclosed)
Spot verifications of applications filed for issue of New ration cards, change of names of the Head of the House Hold in the card for issue of the Duplicate card etc., and submit the reports.
Detection of bogus cards and bogus units.
Detection of unauthorised persons who are running Fair Price Depots, retail licences/hawkers of kerosene oil, on behalf of the original licence-holders.
Regular visits to slums and weaker section localities to verify the distribution of public distribution system items.
Collection of National savings.
Submitting monthly diary to Range Officer/Deputy Director showing the duties performed.
Taking up of surveys as & when ordered.
Supervise the maintenance of Assignment Register by Fair price Depots. 34. Collection of levy as per the target given by the Deputy Commissioner.
Any other work entrusted by the superior Officers of the Department.
Job Chart of Accounts Superintendent of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department
He shall route all papers through Assistant Director and he shall be personally responsible for maintenance of accounts in the Office of the Deputy Director(Food).
Shall assist the Deputy Director as far as accounts are concerned and collection of necessary information regarding accounts from the subordinate offices within the prescribed time limits.
Guide all the officials working in the subordinate offices and in the Offices of the Deputy Director on the matters of accounts.
Arrange to remit the recoveries made out of the arrears as per audit reports, & keep challans intact in the respective files.
Maintaining of ration card accounts and its costs.
Scrutinizing the subsidy and transport and T.A. bills etc. before submitting to Deputy Commissioner/Deputy Director.
Attend to the clearance of Audit objections as pointed out by the Divisional Account Officer/Accountant General as far as the accounts matter are concerned.
Follow up the guidelines and instructions issued by the Chief Accounts Officer from Head Office in maintenance of accounts.
Submission of Write-off proposals whichever are essential to the competent authorities.
Preparation of costing sheet whenever there is a revision of prices of foodgrains, sugar etc.
Maintenance of Detailed contingency Bill Register and Cash book upto date.
Reconciliation of entries of personal Deposit Account with books of accounts maintained by the Office.
Maintenance of permanent advance and contingency fund.
Prompt recoveries of Motorcar advance: Festival Advance: Cycle Advance: Provident fund: Karnataka Government Insurance Department, House building loan etc., from the staff members.
Annual Budget preparation and submitting the same to the Head Office.
Scrutiny of Abstract Contingency/Detailed Contingency bills.
Scrutiny of Salary bills.
Scrutiny of transport and other tenders.
Any other work entrusted by the higher officers of the department.